About us

About us

Research Topics

The group is studying soft condensed matter with NMR spectroscopy

We are primarily interested in systems which are structured in the intermediate range of the microscopic (10-10) and the macroscopic (>10-6) length scale, i. e. in the range of a few Angstrom to several dozens of Nanometer (10-8 m).

The most important systems on this so-called mesoscopic length scale are colloids, bio-molecules, nano-particles and supramolecular aggregates.


  • Structure and dynamics of guest molecules on surfaces.
  • Dipolar interactions and chemical structure in amorphous or non-crystalline solids.
  • Characterization of the structure and dynamics of mesoporous materials.
  • Study of transition metal dihydrides as models for enzymatic or catalytic reactions.
  • Quantum tunneling and quantum theory of spin systems in solids.
  • Reaction kinetics in the solid state.
  • Methodological and technical development of solid state NMR spectroscopy for the structural analysis of disordered systems.
  • Application of solid state NMR spectroscopy in structural biology.


  • Variable temperature 2H-solid state NMR.
  • High resolution solid state NMR techniques like CPMAS, REDOR, RFDR.
  • Selective isotope labeled synthesis of biomolecules and model compounds.
  • Numerical simulations and analytical calculations.
  • Combinations of optical or UV spectroscopy with magnetic resonance techniques like NMR or ESR.