Fields of Research

Fields of Research

  • Medicinal chemistry of Alzheimer`s disease

Fluorescent probes for in vivo microscopy/ Alzheimer Diagnostics

Project presentation Deutsche Welle 13.2.2011 (min 3-8)


2 h HBO documentary on Alzheimer's disease research

  • medicinal chemistry of:

hypertension: Angiotensin II receptor blocker

Alzheimer’s disease:: β-secretase inhibitors, β-secretase inhibitors, diagnostics, Tau Aggregation inhibitors, GSK3 inhibitors, fluorescent probes for Alzheimer diagnostic applications Parkinson’s disease Creutzfeld-Jacob disease: Prion aggregation inhibitors oncology: 20 S proteasome inhibitors

  • multiparallel solid phase supported synthesis of non-peptidic lead structures
  • selective aspartic protease modulators and inhibitors
  • novel screening technologies
  • drug metabolism
  • reaction mechanisms: enantioselective reactions, metal-organic reactions
  • protein-peptide interactions: beta-sheet aggregation
  • heterocycle synthesis: novel heterocycles, green reactions
  • novel reaction media: reactions in ionic liquids
  • screening in fish

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