6th Novel Enzymes

The 6th Novel Enzymes conference will take place at the Technische Universitaet Darmstadt, Germany, in the old „Maschinenhaus“ from 9 – 12 October 2018. The main topics of the conference series are current developments in catalysis research using enzymes. Enzymes are natural biocatalysts that enable energy-efficient and environmentally friendly transformations of chemical compounds, thus enabling the development of sustainable production processes for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Applied biocatalysis in biotechnology, which is viewed as a key technology for the 21st century, has a high potential for improving the quality of human life and for a global societal impact. Biocatalyis will facilitate the shift from fossil resources towards a low-carbon economy, thus securing the material supply for future generations.

The Novel Enzymes conference brings together more than 200 leading scientists from universities, research institutes and the industry to share their latest findings and developments in the discovery and engineering of novel enzymes.

The conference is organized by Wolf-Dieter Fessner, Professor of Bio-Organic Chemistry at the Department of Chemistry of the TU Darmstadt. He emphasized the highly topical significance of this conference: "The awarding of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry 2018 to the US American scientist Frances Arnold from the California Institute of Technology for her development of groundbreaking methods in creating novel and improved enzymes, is a strong acknowledgment of the great significance of this research area for the future of our planet. Professor Arnold was honored with the Emanuel Merck Lectureship Award in 2013, presented jointly with Merck at the TU Darmstadt. We are extremely pleased for the recognition of her work, which has also significantly benefited our own research.”

Professor Fessner, whose group has been studying biocatalysis for more than 30 years, currently leads research in two European collaborative projects: CarbaZymes and Tralaminol, EU-funded with over 10 million euros to develop advanced, integrated production processes for the enzyme-catalyzed production of valuable components for active pharmaceutical ingredients, fine chemicals and bulk materials. The Novel Enzymes conference is an important platform to present and discuss the recent results of these projects with experts in the biocatalysis field.

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