Nanopore functionalization

a) Polymerization control and multifunctional nanopores

Advanced transport control in nanopores beyond gating in the first place requires functionalization control and combination of functional groups. This holds for gradual control of nanopore accessiblity, gradient design as well as for multifunctionality in nanopores. Especially in the context of sensing, monitoring and the design of selective or coupled transport phenomena, multifunctional nanopores will be needed. Therfore, we explored different polymerization strategies to control polymer amount, polymer chain composition and polymer location in nanoporous films.

Currently involved team members: C. Förster, L. Zhao, L. Despot

Formerly involved team members: F. Krohm, L. Silies-Kretschmar, J. Tom, R. Brilmayer, M. Ochs

Finished Projects: LOEWE „Soft-Control“ (2011-2014), Boehringer Ingelheim Foundation (Exploration Grant) (2015-2016), LOEWE i-Napo (2016-2020), ERC StG

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b) Nanolocal functionalization

Compartmentalization and miniaturization of device components is essential e.g. to build multifunctional small lab-on-chip devices. Transport direction will need functional (nano)gradients along nanopores. Localized detection will need (nano) local readout. We are exploring the potential of near field modes to localize polymer functionalization in three dimensions at the nanoscale. Due to the wavelength region of these near field modes and high resolution microscopy techniques such as surface plasmons this needs visible light (> 470 nm) induced polymerizations. Currently, we are for example investigating dye-sensitized polymerization using methylene blue or fluoresceine.

Currently involved team members: C. Förster, R. Lehn, M. Kirsch

Formerly involved team members: N. Herzog, D. John

Funding: ERC StG, DFG

Finished Projects: Adolf-Messer Stiftung

Related Publications:

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