About us

About us

Research Topics

The group is studying condensed matter with solid-state NMR spectroscopy

We are primarily interested in systems which are structured in the intermediate range of the microscopic (10-10) and the macroscopic (>10-6) length scale, i. e. in the range of a few Angstrom to several dozens of Nanometer (10-8 m).

The most important systems on this so-called mesoscopic length scale are colloids, bio-molecules, nano-particles and supramolecular aggregates.


  • Structure and dynamics of guest molecules on surfaces.
  • Dipolar interactions and chemical structure in amorphous or non-crystalline solids.
  • Characterization of the structure and dynamics of mesoporous materials.
  • Study of transition metal dihydrides as models for enzymatic or catalytic reactions.
  • Quantum tunneling and quantum theory of spin systems in solids.
  • Reaction kinetics in the solid state.
  • Methodological and technical development of solid state NMR spectroscopy for the structural analysis of disordered systems.
  • Application of solid state NMR spectroscopy in structural biology.


  • Variable temperature 2H-solid state NMR.
  • High resolution solid state NMR techniques like CPMAS, REDOR, RFDR.
  • Selective isotope labeled synthesis of biomolecules and model compounds.
  • Numerical simulations and analytical calculations.
  • Combinations of optical or UV spectroscopy with magnetic resonance techniques like NMR or ESR.