CV Haase

Curriculum Vitae of Prof. Dr. W. Haase

Born 1936 in Reinholdshain near Glauchau / Saxonia.
Instructed as worker in Chemistry in a Chemical Manufactory, studies of Chemical Engineering at Magdeburg (Engineers Diploma 1957), studies of Chemistry at Jena – Diploma degree 1960; Dr. rer. nat. in Chemistry University of Jena 1964, Habilitation in structural and physical Chemistry at University of Marburg 1970. Post doc studies at Stockholm , Göteburg, Uppsala and Marburg in structural Chemistry and Crystallography. Since 1971 Professor of Physical Chemistry at Darmstadt. Dean of the Faculty (Fachbereich für physikalische Chemie und chemische Technologie) period 1979 / 1980; Leader of Diplomaexamination commission in Chemistry 1991 – 1993. 1.1.2000 – 31.3.2002 “Geschäftsführender Direktor” of the Institute of Physical Chemistry, Darmstadt University of Technology.
Married to Dr. med. Ingeburg Haase, née Karer, two children.

Deutsche Bunsengesellschaft
Deutsche Kristallographische Gesellschaft
International Liquid Crystal Society
Hans-Fischer Gesellschaft
Deutsche Flüssigkristall-Gesellschaft

Research fields
Liquid crystals in a broad field, nonlinear optics of polymers, magnetism of inorganic compounds, bioinorganic chemistry

Author / co-author of more than 680 papers in referred journals / book contributions / book editor/ guest editor

Last Guest Professorship
10/2009: Santiago de Chile
4/2010: Florianopolis/Brazil; San Paulo/ Brazil
4/2011: New Delhi, Patiala, Siliguri, Kolkata/ India

since 11/2016: external Professor at South Ural State University of Cheljabinsk and head of the Laboratory of Molecular Electronics there


  • JU (Jagiellonian University in Kraków) Person of Merit Award, 2002
  • Distinguished Scientific Lectureship, New Delhi 2012
  • Frederiks Medal, Dublin 2014
  • Certificate of Recognition, Institute of Applied Physics, Scademy of Sciences of Moldova, 2016