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08.-10.03.2021: We are proud to organize the conference Frontiers in Medicinal Chemistry 2021. More information
01.03.2021: Sarah Engel joins the Hausch lab. Welcome, Sarah!
01.03.2021: Carlo Walz joins the Hausch lab. Welcome, Carlo!
03.02.2021: AK Hausch successful with the Zukunftscluster PROXIDRUGS More information
01.02.2021: Christian Brudy joins the Hausch lab. Welcome, Christian!
01.02.2021: Congratulations for defending your PhD thesis, Dr. Kolos!
01.01.2021: Monika Gnatzy joins the Hausch lab. Welcome, Monika!
01.01.2021: Johannes Dreizler joins the Hausch lab. Welcome, Johannes!
01.01.2021: Johannes Dreizler receives a stipend fellowship by the Merck‘schen Gesellschaft für Kunst und Wissenschaft e.V. Congratulations, Johannes!
18.12.2020: AK Hausch receives funding for drug development for obesity-induced diabetes. More information
Pioneer Award
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TU Darmstadt/Entega
01.10.2020: Yuxin Liu joins the lab. Welcome, Yuxin!
1.9.2020: Steffen Hartmann joins the lab. Welcome, Steffen!
1.8.2020: Patryk Krajczy joins the lab. Welcome, Patryk!
„1.7.2020: Vanessa Buffa joins the lab. Welcome, Vanessa!”
„1.7.2020: Prof. Hausch coordinates a new BMBF-initiative to validate the protein FKBP51 as a target for the treatment of chronic pain” Mehr erfahren
“15.5.2020: Wisley Oki Sugiarto joins the lab. Welcome, Oki!”
„1.5.2020: The Hausch lab participates a new BMBF-initiative to validate the GlnA3 as a new target to combat drug-resistant tuberculosis” Mehr erfahren
„31.4.2020: Christine Schröpfer leaves the Hausch lab after >25 years at the TU Darmstadt. We wish you all the best in the well deserve retirement. We will miss you”
“15.4.2020: Robin Deutscher joins the lab. Welcome, Robin!”
“15.3.2020: Martha Taubert joins the lab. Welcome, Martha!”
“2.3.2020: Tianqi defends her PhD. Congratulations!”
“17.2.2020:AK Hausch participates in the PROXIDRUGS consortium” Mehr erfahren
1.11.2019 Sabine Schäfer joins the lab. Welcome, Sabine!
18.10.2019 Two new publications by the Hausch lab in Chem Eur J and J Med Chem
Andreas Hähle defends his PhD. Congratulations to the PhD and to the job at Novartis!
Tianqi Mao receives a PhD Abschluss-Stipendium. Congratulations!
Thomas Geiger joins the lab. Welcome, Thomas!
Michael Walz oins the lab. Welcome, Micheal!
Anna Charalampidou joins the lab. Welcome, Anna!
The LOEWE consortium TRABITA coordinated by Prof. Hausch receives funding to explore transient binding pockets in proteins drug targets TU Darmstadt Chemie Aktuell und TU Darmstadt Chemie News
Prof. Hausch receives funding for GPCR dug discovery in the LOEWE consortium GLUE Uni Marburg News
Three new publications on selective FKBP51-Inhibitors developed by the Hausch group TU Darmstadt Chemie Aktuell

Work by the Hausch lab covered in a press conference at the ACS Spring meeting in Orlando

Poster by Jürgen Kolos nominated for a short talk at the conference Frontiers in Medicinal Chemistry 2019. Congratulations!
Anti-infective drug discovery consortium led by Prof. Hausch receives funding by the BMBF TU Darmstadt Chemie Aktuell
01.12.2018 Fabian & Tim joint the lab. Welcome!
12.11.2018 New publications of FKBP51 on interaction with antidepressants and in human adipocytes
March 2018 Publication on FKBP ligands as anti-infectives