Welcome - AK Hausch

Welcome to the Hausch group!

Overview of Structure-based Drug Research:

  • Rational Drug Design
  • Identification and validation of novel pharmacological concepts
  • Synthesis of macro- or polycyclic substances to control the bioactive conformation
  • Quantitative understanding of protein-ligand interactions
  • Development of FKBP51 inhibitors as novel antidepressants, analgesics or anti-obesity agents

Recent News:

1.8.: Michael Walz joins the lab. Welcome, Michael!

1.7.: Anna Charalampidou joins the lab. Welcome, Anna!

21.6.: The LOEWE consortium TRABITA coordinated by Prof. Hausch receives funding to explore transient binding pockets in proteins drug targets TU Darmstadt Chemie Aktuell and TU Darmstadt Aktuelle Meldungen

21.6.: Prof. Hausch receives funding for GPCR dug discovery in the LOEWE consortium GLUE Uni Marburg News

17.6.: Three new publications on selective FKBP51-Inhibitors developed by the Hausch group TU Darmstadt Chemie Aktuell

27.3.: Anti-infective drug discovery consortium led by Prof. Hausch receives funding by the BMBF TU Darmstadt Chemie Aktuell

Bild: F. Hausch
Structure of FKBP51 (grey surface) in complex with a prototypic bicyclic sulfonamide ligand (shown as sticks, carbons in cyan, oxygens in red, nitrogens in blue, sulfurs in yellow, cholrine in green). Hydrogens bond are indicated as dotted yellow lines. Ref: Pomplun et al, Angew Chem Int Ed 2015; pdb-code: 4W9P