Open Positions F. Hausch

Open Positions

We are looking for candidates at the Master, PhD or Postdoc level to work on the following topics:
- Elucidation of the molecular mechanism of action of FKBP51 (background: biochemistry, molecular or cell biology)
- Molecular characterization and mechanistic studies of Rapamycin analogs and chemical dimerizers of FKBPs (background: biochemistry, molecular/cell biology, chemical biology)
- Development of proximity-based screening technologies for G-protein coupled receptors (background: biochemistry, molecular/cell biology, chemical biology, or molecular pharmacology)
- Design, synthesis and optimization of fragment-like inhibitors of bacterial kinases.
For students applying for internships and practical course: Please send your CV (including A-level/Abitur grades), transcript of your study results and a cover letter indicating the direction of research you are interested in by E-mail to