Surface Chemistry & Analytics

Surface Chemistry and Analytics

Imaging Ellipsometry

Accurion EP³ System

Surface Plasmon Resonance

Res-Tec RT 2005 Surface plasmon resonance.

FT-IR Imaging

Perkin-Elmer FT-IR Imaging Spectrum Spotlight 200.

Contact Angle Measurement

Dataphysics OCA35 incl. tilting base under constant temperature and humidity (23°C, 50% rel. humidity).

Hydro Tester

Hydro Tester FX 3000 - IV
Hydro Tester FX 3000 – IV

With the hydro tester it is possible to determine the durability of substrates against water permeation.

UV Light Sources

Deep-UV: Spectra Physics

Vilber Lourmat Bio-Link BLX UV exposure chambers (254 & 365nm).

Plasma etching

Diener Femto, water plasma etching

Spin Coating

Süss Microtec 6 RC

Automatic Film Applicator

BYK Automatic Film Applicator

Langmuir Blodgett Film Applicator

LB Trough

Inkjet Application

Microdrop Autodrop Single-Nozzle Lab-Inkjet Printer