Open Positions

Bachelor Thesis | Master Thesis
There are always open positions in different research areas. For further information please contact Florian Müller-Plathe or Michael Böhm.
Masterarbeit: Berechnung der Strömung entlang nanostrukturierter superhydrophober Oberflächen

Ph. D. Positions | Post-Doc Positions
We continuously provide possibilities for Ph. D. and Post-Doc positions in the different research areas of our group. Candidates who are interested in joining our group may contact for further information.

Internships | Exchange Students
We welcome international student exchange and we regularly host undergraduates for research projects during the summer, for example through Erasmus, DAAD-WISE, DAAD-RISE, or TU Darmstadt's IREP. Please note that research internships must last a minimum of 3 months.

Erasmus Student Exchange Program
DAAD German Academic Exchange Service
TU Darmstadt International Research Experience Program (IREP)

Below, you find statements from previous participants.

Yunfeng Mao | 2017/2018 CSC Scholar
(Tongji University, Shanghai, P.R. China)

As a visiting PhD student, I spent a whole year in Prof. Müller-Plathe's group. I learned a lot about molecular simulation from Prof. Müller-Plathe's lecture and my research experience with the help of my group members. All the group members are extremely supportive.They often gave me thorough explanations patiently. My frequent discussions with Prof. Böhm made my work much easier. I also benefited from talking with Prof. Müller-Plathe, because he could always grasp the key points of my research and reminded me. He also frankly gave me suggestions on research career and life. Dana, the secretary of the group, organized many activities to let us experience German cultures. After leaving Germany, I often miss the people there. I strongly recommend the group to anyone.

Linsey Nowack | 2018 DAAD RISE Scholar
(University of Chicago, IL, USA)

“I applied for an internship position in the Müller-Plathe Lab for two main academic reasons: 1) to practice computer simulation work in polymer physics and 2) to learn more about graduate programs in chemistry. My experience at TU Darmstadt well exceeded these expectations. The Müller-Plathe group lives up to its reputation for bearing quality research. Everyone there was incredibly welcoming and bright, and my mentor Gustavo Rondina provided solid training not only in directing me to relevant literature but also through introducing me to programs and methods of simulation previously unfamiliar. I am very grateful for this research opportunity, and I recommend it to any prospective undergraduate.”

Rachel Clune | 2017 DAAD RISE Scholar
(University of Rochester, NY, USA)

“During my time in Darmstadt I was able to spend dedicated time learning about a new area of research and gained exposure to pieces of software I would not have encountered at my home institution. Having these experiences aided me in deciding what I might be interested in studying in the future, either through graduate work or a research-based job. I was also able to learn about how graduate education programs differ between countries and by talking to the other students in the group I was able to start determining what I wanted to look for in a graduate program.”

Yash Jain | 2017 DAAD WISE Scholar
(Indian Institute of Technology (BHU), Varanasi, India)

“Apart from the well-known and renowned academic excellence of Prof. Florian Müller-Plathe's research group, what really stands out is the warm hospitality. Leaving my country for the first time and entering a country with a vast cultural difference, to spend three months, I was nervous. But their constant support not just by teaching me new concepts and training me in the subject, but also for any problems that I may have faced with accommodation, transportation or anything else, they have always been there to help me out.”

Ushnish Rana | 2017 DAAD WISE Scholar
(Indian Institute of Technology , Kharagpur, India)

“My stay at the Theoretical Physical Chemistry group at TU Darmstadt was perhaps the most eventful three months of my life. I learned a lot about advanced molecular simulation methods and really understood what it meant to be a researcher. Everyone in the research group was extremely friendly and I always found help if I needed it, be it related to research or something else. For me, it was my first time traveling alone outside India and staying in Germany for an extended period of time was an incredibly enriching experience. This internship program was truly a once in a lifetime transformative experience for me and I would unhesitatingly recommend it to anyone.”

Naman Katyal | 2016 DAAD WISE Scholar
(Indian Institute of Technology, Varanasi (BHU), India)

“As a DAAD WISE Scholar in Prof. Müller-Plathe's group at TU Darmstadt in 2016, I performed Molecular Dynamics Simulations on the high performance computing facility available in the group. The research group was highly supportive; they helped me develop an understanding towards submitting jobs and how to analyze results. Weekly group discussions and seminars guided me through my problems and helped me explore different techniques in theoretical chemistry. With the support from Prof. Müller-Plathe and my supervising postdoc Haoxue Han, we were able to generate a publication in a respectable journal. Throughout my time in Germany and thereafter, Prof. Müller-Plathe and his research group have been really supportive towards my research career.”