Since several years the display market changes. The momentary dominating LCD-displays suffering from limited viewing angles and problematic manufacturing of large screen devices are currently superseded by competing technologies. Of particular relevance here are Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLEDs) devoid of these disadvantages and offering the opportunity for the production of flexible and extremely thin components.

Since September 2015 we are part of the BMBF-project POESIE within which we develop functional materials like emitters and hole transport materials. This chemistry will rely amongst other compounds on indenofluorenes.

Subproject within the BMBF-Project POESIE

Synthesis of crosslinkable low- and high molecular weight organic semiconductors

The most important goal in this subproject is to avoid mixing of layers during the wet processing of multi-layer devices for organic electronics. Moreover, the generation of uniform films and the avoidance of cracks during drying of the layers are equally importance aims.

To reach these goals different solutions are suggested. On the one hand polyoxetanated arylamin-indenofluorenes should function as crosslinkable hole transporters.

By systematic variation of position, number and distance of the oxetane units from the semiconductive molecule, the quality of the insoluble layer should be optimized. The investigation of the influence of reactive additives based on oxetanes is intended to corroborate this strategy to generate layers being insoluble in the solvent of the subsequent one.