POESIE / BMBF-Project / Start: September 2015

The potential of printed organic electronics: Optimized materials, Fluids and liquid phase processing

Excerpt from main application: Liquid phase processing of organic electronics is still a challenging aspect of process engineering. This is due to the experimental difficulties associated with the necessity to meet many different demands on the properties of the film at once. These high demands for process engineering are reinforced by shortcomings in simulation and model building. For these reasons the current application adresses basic understanding of deposition- and print processes in the context of organic electronics. These activities include aspects of drying and the dynamics of wet films. According to a modular principle the fluids comprising different material classes will be adopted to the respective print- or coating procedures aiming at the optimum performance of the printed functionality. The devices – OPV, OLED, OFET and photo diodes – serve as analytic tools to investigate the influence of the process on the functionality. To assure a sustainable knowledge progress the work will be accompanied by computer simulations.

Our contribution will be the development, synthesis and characterization of crosslinkable organic semiconductors for the fabrication of OLEDs by fluid-phase-processing. This work will be done in collaboration with Prof. Dr. K. Meerholz (Universität Köln).

Current work