Publikationen 2019

Compression-Responsive Photonic Crystals based on Fluorine-Containing Polymers
J. Kredel, M. Gallei
Polymers, 2019, accepted.
Covalent Attachment of Single Molecules for AFM based Force Spectroscopy
A. Kolberg, C. Wenzel, T. Hugel, M Gallei, B. N. Balzer
JoVE 2019, accepted.
Kinetics of the Living Anionic Copolymerization of Isoprene and Styrene using in situ NIR spectroscopy: Temperature Effects on the Monomer Sequence and Morphology
M. Steube, T. Johann, M. Plank, S. Tjaberings, A. H. Gröschel, M. Gallei, H. Frey, A.H.E. Müller,
Macromolecules, 2019, 52, 9299-9310
DOI: 10.1021/acs.macromol.9b01790
Self-Assembly in ultrahigh molecular weight sphereforming diblock copolymer thin films under strong confinement
W. Cao, S. Xia, M. Appold, N. Saxena, L. Bießmann, S. Grott, N. Li, M. Gallei, S. Bernstorff, P. Müller-Buschbaum, Scientific Reports 2019, 9, 18269
DOI: 10.1038/s41598-019-54648-3.
Temperature-Induced Colouration and Interface Shell Cross-Linking for the Preparation of Polymer-Based Opal Films
A. M.-B. Schlander, M. Gallei
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2019
DOI: 10.1021/acsami.9b17606
From normal diffusion to superdiffusion: Photothermal heating of plasmonic core/shell microgels
N. Carl, J. Sindram, M. Gallei, S. U. Egelhaaf, M. Karg,
Physical Review E 2019, accepted.
Photochromic Dithienylethenes Characterized by in situ Irradiation NMR-Spectroscopy and Electrochemically-Induced Responsiveness on Gold Substrates
Jonas von Irmer, Florian Frieß, Dominik Herold, Jonas Kind, Christina M. Thiele, and Markus Gallei
Journal of Materials Chemistry, 2019, 7, 14088-14097
DOI: 10.1039/C9TC04495G
Trendberichte der Makromolekularen Chemie 2018
Bernhard V.K.J. Schmidt, Matthias Barz, Markus Gallei,
Nachrichten aus der Chemie, 2019, 67
Combining Soft Polysilazanes with Melt-Shear Organization of Core–Shell Particles: On the Road to Polymer-Templated Porous Ceramic
A. K. Boehm, E. Ionescu, M. Koch, M. Gallei
Molecules, 2019, 24 (19), 3553
DOI: 10.3390/molecules24193553
Few-cycle laser driven reaction nanoscopy on aerosolized silica nanoparticles
A. Philipp Rupp, Christian Burger, Nora Kling, Mathias Kübel, Sambit Mitra, Philipp Rosenberger, Thomas Weatherby, Nariyuki Saito, Jiro Itatani, Ali Alnaser, Markus Raschke, Eckart Rühl, Annika Schlander, Markus Gallei, Lennart Seiffert, Thomas Fennel, Boris Bergues, and Matthias Kling
Nature Communications, 2019, accepted.
Opposing temperature dependence of the stretching response of single PEG and PNiPAM polymers
Adrianna Kolberg, Christiane Wenzel, Klara Hackenstrass, Richard Schwarzl, Christian
Rüttiger, Thorsten Hugel, Markus Gallei, Roland R. Netz, and Bizan N. Balzer
J. Am. Chem. Soc., Just Accepted ManuscriptDOI: 10.1021/jacs.9b04383 • Publication Date (Web): 26 Jun 2019
All-optical spatio-temporal control of electron emission from SiO2 nanospheres with femtosecond two-color laser fields
Liu, Qingcao; Zherebtsov, Sergey; Seiffert, Lennart; Skruszewicz, Slawomir; Zietlow, Dominik; Ahn, Seongjin; Rupp, Philipp; Wnuk, Pawel; Sun, Shaohua; Kessel, Alexander; Trushin, Sergei; Schlander, Annika ; Kim, Dongeon; Ruehl, Eckart; Ciappina, Marcelo; Tiggesbaeumker, Josef; Gallei, Markus ; Fennel, Thomas; Kling, Matthias
New Journal of Physics 2019, accepted.
Synthesis and Characterization of Phosphorus- and Carborane-Containing Polyoxanorbornene Block Copolymers
Gizem Kahraman, De-Yi Wang, Jonas von Irmer, Markus Gallei *, Evamarie Hey-Hawkins *, Tarik Eren *
MDPI Polymers 2019, accepted.
Amine-Containing Block Copolymers for the Bottom-Up Preparation of Functional Porous Membranes
Schöttner, Sebastian; Brodrecht, Martin; Uhlein, Erik; Dietz, Christian; Breitzke, Hergen; Tietze, Alesia; Buntkowsky, Gerd; Gallei, Markus
Macromolecules 2019, accepted
Tapered Multiblock Copolymers Based on Isoprene and 4-Methyl Styrene: Influence of the Tapered Interface on the Self-assembly and Thermomechanical Properties
Galanos, Eftyxis; Grune, Eduard; Wahlen, Christian; Müller, Axel; Appold, Michael; Gallei, Markus; Frey, Holger; Floudas, George
Macromolecules, 2019, accepted.
Towards bio-based tapered block copolymers: the behaviour of myrcene in the statistical anionic copolymerisation
Eduard Grune, Jennifer Bareuther, Jan Blankenburg, Michael Appold, Lloyd Shaw, Axel H. E. Müller, George Floudas, Lian R. Hutchings, Markus Gallei, Holger Frey
Polymer Chemistry 2019, 10, 1213-1220.
DOI: 10.1039/C8PY01711E
Fluoropolymer-Containing Opals and Inverse Opals by Melt-Shear Organization
Julia Kredel, Christian Dietz, Markus Gallei
Molecules, 2019, 24(2), 333
Cargo shuttling by electrochemical switching of core–shell microgels obtained by a facile one-shot polymerization
O. Mergel, S. Schneider, R. Tiwari, P. T. Kühn, M. C. A. Stuart, S. Schöttner, M. de Kanter, C. Janzen, U. Simon, M. Gallei, D. Wöll, P. van Rijn, and F. A. Plamper
Chemical Science, 2019, accepted
Bio-Inspired Structural Colors based on Linear Ultra-High Molecular Weight Block Copolymers
Michael Appold, Markus Gallei
ACS Appl. Polym. Mater., 2019, accepted
Anionic Grafting to Strategies for Functional Polymethacrylates: Convenient Preparation of Stimuli‐Responsive Block Copolymer Architectures
Michael Appold, Jennifer Bareuther, Markus Gallei
Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics 2019, accepted.
Preparation and Self-Assembly of Polyferrocenyldimethylsilane-Containing Tri- and Pentablock Terpolymers
Christian Rüttiger, Lea Gemmer, Sebastian Schöttner, Björn Kuttich, Bernd Stühn and Markus Gallei
Journal of Organometallic Chemistry 2019, 882, 80-89
Selective DNP Signal Amplification to Probe Structures of Core-Shell Polymer Hybrid Nanoparticles
Timmy Schäfer, Steffen Vowinkel, Hergen Breitzke, Markus Gallei, Torsten Gutmann
J. Phys. Chem. C, 2019, 123(1), 644–652