Welcome to the Schneider Research Group

Research in the Schneider group focusses on materials synthesis and application in the broad field of nanomaterials. Main material foci are currently on carbon nanotubes (CNTs), carbon nanohorns (CNHs) and 2D materials like graphene and metal sulfides. Moreover, various metal oxide compositions and organometallics are also in the center of interest. With these material approaches we are thrieving to study the potential of these nanomaterials in applications like sensors (chemoresistors, NEMS, mechano- and biosensors), batteries (Li-ion, Zn/air), electronics (dielectrics, transistors) and adsorption phenomena (gas, liquid) based on the interface driven chemistry between material and adsorbent. Our research covers the full spectrum of materials synthesis, materials characterization and incorporation of those materials in device architectures of choice in order to deliver a full system set up. This is a most challenging task but allows to understand the subtle interplay of defined materials chemistry, physics and system engineering to achieve full functionality in such devices. This approach requires a tool-box of experimental methods employing solution based molecular chemistry and solid state chemistry techniques as well as gas phase routes like e.g. chemical and physical vapor and atomic layer deposition.