The Frydman group (Weizmann Institute of Science) developed the method of single scan NMR, which uses principles from imaging to obtain a whole multidimensional NMR spectrum in a single scan. While being inherently insensitive the speed in which a spectrum can be obtained is unprecedented.

We want to use this method in cooperation with the Giraudeau group (Université de Nantes) to follow reaction pathways via NMR. In a first project we have already shown that ultra-fast NMR can be used also for the measurement of RDCs.

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1 P. Giraudeau, T. Montag, B. Charrier, C. M. Thiele, Fast access to residual dipolar couplings by single-scan 2D NMR in oriented media, Magn. Reson. Chem. 2012, 50, S53–S57Corrigendum.