Name and Time Frame Title Department
Fabian Grimm
Examination of the degradation of Me-N-C catalysts for the oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) under accelerated stress test conditions mimicking the start/stop cycle (SSC) conditions ESE
Ayan Basol
Vergleich von Platin- und Iridium -Zinn-Legierungs-Elektrokatalysatoren für die anodische Oxidation organischer Brennstoffe in Brennstoffzellen Chemistry
Carolin Prössl
Entwicklung von IrxSny-Legierungskatalysatoren für die elektrochemische Alkoholoxidation Chemistry
Arne Janßen
Modification of Fe-N-C catalysts by addition of sulfur for the oxygen reduction reaction in fuel cells ESE
Sven Schardt
Einfluss des Ausgangsmaterials zur Porenausbildung auf die finale Struktur von Fe-N-C-Katalysatoren Chemistry
Stephen Paul
Herstellung und Charakterisierung von Fe-N-C-Elektro-katalysatoren für die Sauerstoffreduktion: Einfluss des N-C-Präkursor-zu-Templat-Verhältnisses sowie weiterer Parameter auf die katalytische Aktivität ESE
Charlotte Gallenkamp
Comparative study on the electrochemical activation of 5-hydroxymethylfurfural on non-precious metal catalysts of the Me-N-C-group Chemistry
Pascal Theis
Einfluss von Silica-Templat-Morphologien auf die Aktivität von FeNC Modellkatalysatoren für die Sauerstoffreduktion Chemistry
Michael Spann
Optimization of a Stable Reference Electrode in Biological Environment (external: Department of Techniques for Biology and Health at CEA Grenoble) Mawi Fame
Ioanna Martinaiou
(5/2015 – 6/2018)
Degradation studies of Me-N-C catalysts for the oxygen reduction reaction in fuel cells (PhD Thesis) Materials and Earth Science
Ali Shahraei
(8/2015 – 10/2018)
Investigation of the water splitting reactions on multi-heteroatom doped cobalt-based carbon catalysts (PhD Thesis) Chemistry
Christina Mavridou
Einfluss einer Dispersionsbehandlung auf das Eindringver-halten von Wasser in poröse Systeme
(external thesis at Umicore)
Laura Feldmann
Influence of Different Proton Conductive Polymers on the Activity and Stability of Fe-N-C Catalysts for the Oxygen Reduction in Fuel Cells MaWi
Oleksandr Yampolskyy
Synthese von polyamidbasierten Fe-N-C-Katalysatoren für die ORR Chemistry
Carolin Prössl
Stabilization of Fe-N-C Catalysts for the Application in Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells (PEM-FC) Chemistry
Humera Khatoon Siddiqui
Influence of electrode structure on the degradation of Fe N C catalysts for the oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) in polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell (PEMFC)
(via DAAD, Materials Science, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur)
Materials Science
Tamara Hanstein
Systematische Variation eines H2O2-Bildenden Katalysators zur Untersuchung des Einflusses von H2O2 auf die Degradation von Fe-N-C-Katalystoren Chemistry
Claudia Khanh-Ly Nguyen
Microwave Assisted Synthesis of Structured Carbon as Support Material for Electrocatalysts MaWi
Carsten Hammer
Entwicklung einer DEMS-Zelle zur Untersuchung der CO2-Reduktions-Reaktion ESE
Janik Scharf
Investigation of the Effect of Pyrolysis Temperature and Duration on Fuel Cell Performance and Composition of Fe-N-C Catalysts Chemistry
Steffen Haller
Development of bifunctional Catalysts for the Application in Metal-Air Batteries Chemistry
Nicole Segura
Synthesis of a hybrid structure as PEMFC cathode support for non-precious metal catalysts MaWi Fame
Lorenz von Krosigk
Investigation of sample geometry and flow conditions on structure and catalytic activity of Fe-N-C catalysts MaWi
Sebastian Schmid
Investigation of Fe-N-C catalyst poisoning ESE