Studies Committee

The Studies Committee deals with all matters relating to teaching and studies. In particular, it is responsible for new teaching modules and study programmes, but also for revising existing courses or curricula.

The Dean of Studies heads the Studies Committee. It consists of four representatives each from the professorial group, the academic staff and the students. The study coordinator acts as an advisory member. The committee is a working and discussion forum in which draft resolutions are prepared for the departmental council. The members of the doctoral committee are appointed by the departmental council.

Members of the Studies Committee

Name Funktion Kontakt
Prof. Dr. Markus Rose Studiendekan (Vorsitz)
Prof. Dr. Markus Busch
Prof. Dr. Rolf Schäfer
Prof. Dr. Katja Schmitz
Prof. Dr. Jörg J. Schneider
Dr.-Ing. Hans-Jürgen Bär Studienberater International
Dr. Kathrin Hofmann
PD Dr. Stefan Immel
Dr. Volker Schmidts
Malte Afflerbach Fachschaft Chemie
Anja Beck Fachschaft Chemie
Philipp Nickel Fachschaft Chemie
Philine Schellhaas Fachschaft Chemie
Dr. Christine Kapfenberger Studienkoordinatorin, beratendes Mitglied