ChemCup 2018

A new year, a new ChemCup. This year we competed in the ChemCup with only a very small team. According to the motto “a good horse only jumps as high as it has to”, we tried our luck and were actually successful. With clever strikers, which always scored a goal when the opponents least suspected it and a defense like a wall, we made it beyond the group phase. Then, however, due to the small team, the forces left us and we had to retire before the finals.

Hirschegg 2018

Also this year the working group Biesalski went to Hirschegg to spend some days with the whole group. This year there were some new topics on the agenda, which enabled us to better internalise the new subdivision of the group, but also to strengthen group cohesion. This happened either at Chi Gong or during a night hike to the summit of the Walmendinger Horn to experience the sunrise.

5th Paper Chemistry Colloquium 2018

At the beginning of May, the Biesalski Working Group once again hosted the Paper Chemistry Colloquium. The event, which takes place every two years, attracts the interest of both industry and research. With about 50 participants, the event in the Lichtenberghaus of the TU Darmstadt was again a complete success. We would like to thank all the speakers and participants once again and look forward to welcoming you again in two years' time.

New “Doktorwagen”

After a funny contemporary had the crazy idea to borrow our “Doktorwagen” and not to bring it back, we simply built ourselves a new car in the working group. This also gave us the opportunity to add a lot of new features as can be seen in the pictures.

Sonja Wendenburg finishes her Ph.D. at MAP (Jan 2018)

Another one! We gladly congratulate Sonja Wendenburg for her successful defense.

European Cellulose Students Conference 2017 in Graz

This years European Cellulose Materials Doctoral Students Conferenz was held in Graz. Some of our MAP members were lucky enough to get an insight into the research topics on cellulose of other european universities for 3 days. In addition to the scientific content joint ventures brought the students from all over europe closer together.

ChemCup 2017

This year the joined forces of the working group of Annette Andrieu-Brunsen and the MAP group participated in the annual ChemCup. The Peanutbutter Jelly team showed great tactical finesse and a huge amount of condition, that's usually only displayed in the lab. Besides some setbacks it was possible to reach the semi-finals. It was a close match but in the end the opposing team had a bit more energy left and so we lost 1:2. But due to our success we are already fired up for next years ChemCup.

Nadia El-Karzazi finishes her Ph.D. (Feb 2017)

We are very happy to congratulate Nadia for her Ph.D. graduation!

Marcus Ott finishes his doctoral thesis (Dec 2016)

One more finished! We congratulate Marcus for his Ph.D graduation and are very happy that he still retains us a little as postdoc.

The farewell of Kornelia Golla (Sept 2016)

Today we had to say goodbye to a member of the MAP group. Conny, one of our secretaries, was bid farewell by our team.

Andreas Geissler completes his doctoral thesis (July 2016)

All good things come to an end! We are very happy to congratulate Andreas for his Ph.D. graduation!

Wei Li finished her Ph.D. (July 2016)

We are very happy to congratulate Wei for her Ph.D. graduation!

Sander Kleme finishes his Ph.D. (June 2015)

We are very happy to congratulate Sander for his Ph.D. graduation!

ACS 2015 in Denver and USF Joint Seminar

Joint Seminar at USF in Tampa Florida, March 2015.
Joint Seminar at USF in Tampa Florida, March 2015.

In March 2015 part of our group went to the US. We gave presentations at the ACS conference in Denver, Colorado and participated in a joint seminar at USF in Tampa, Florida together with PhDs from Prof. Ryan Toomey's and Prof. Norma Alcantar's group.

Alexander Böhm finishes his Ph.D. (Dec 2014)

He did it, with summa cum laude. Congratulations to Dr. Alexander Böhm. More details will follow…

Christmas Party (Dec 2014)

After visiting the christmas market in downtown Darmstadt, we came back to the institute to celebrate the annual MAP christmas party with great food and drinks.

MAP Bowling (Oct 2014)

In October the group went for a bowling challenge followed by pizza and some cocktails.

PhD Workshop in Bath, UK (Oct 2014)

In October some PhDs took part in an international PhD workshop in Bath (UK), even though the picture shows the organizers and host. (W. Knoll, J. Vancso, M. Biesalski, T. Jenkins)

Florian Loyal finishes his Ph.D. (July 2014)

Congratulating Dr. Florian Loyal for his successful defense and celebration. Do we need to say (or see) more?

MAP at Hessentag 2014

Vanessa Schmidt and Markus Biesalski @ Hessentag 2014.

Team Event at Kloster Höchst (Odw.) (May 2014)

In the end of May we went on a team building and scientific strategy workshop in Höchst.

Sönke Petersen finished his PhD at MAP (14.07.2011)

On July 14th, 2011 Sönke Petersen succeeded in defending his dissertation as the first person at MAP. After the official part of the defense with buffet and sparkling wine the PhD-whole-body baptism was performed. For this new tradition at the MAP, Sönke was transferred to the Luisenplatz by the new MAP-celebration-carriage. Due to unexpectedly cold temperatures during this summer and therefore very cold baptism water, it was necessary to apply oral warming additives before and during the baptism procedure to avoid hypothermia of the body. With the first MAP world record of 2min and 36sek for running 10 times around the inside statue of the Luisenplatz-fountain, Sönke raised the bar for future candidates to a high level.

Chemcup 2011

In the 2011 ChemCup, the “MAP Tigers” demonstrated great tactical finesse and conquered with two wins and two losses the third place in their group, which spared them from the semi-finals and, instead, made them the first team at the bbq. With their inspiring style of playing, the “MAP Tigers” won the heart of most of the fans (see pictures).

Group seminar in Heidelberg 13.-15-09.2010

ACS 2010

This march a group of MAP members contributed to the spring 2010 National Meeting of the American Chemical Society in San Francisco with oral and poster presentations. A joint seminar with the Tirrell-group at UC Berkley rounded up the successful trip to the beautiful venue at the pacific coast.

Christmas 2009

The 2009 christmas party started with a fabulous dinner at the Vivarium. The highlight after this was our wichtel-game and self-made “Glühwein”.

ChemCup 2009

In September 2009, the Department of chemistry of TU Darmstadt organized an internal soccer tournament.

Not expected by all other teams, this years ChemCup was won by the „MAP Tigers“. With no losses (5 wins, and 7:2 goals), the MAP Tigers went through the tournament to first vaporize the “Organic Punks I & II” in the quarter- and semifinal, and then beat the group of Professor Rehahn in the final game in a penalty shoot-out 4:2!

Institute's Barbeque 2009

After our staff went to the crag, we organized a barbeque in the back of our institute. Nearly the whole personnel joined with their families to celebrate a successful start at TUD and the end of summer.

Crag Tour

After this years summer seminar day, the group went to the crag right behind the institute to strengthen the dynamic interplay. Some bad tongs claimed that this was arranged because of a sometimes too sloppy lab-work … wait, Rishi, until you will experience next years event … !

The group is growing

This picture was taken when Heike and Stefanie joined our team.

ACS spring meeting

Sönke at ACS spring meeting 2009 in Salt Lake City.

The labs are ready

March 2009 we finished the setting up of our laboratories. After hard work, we are satisfied with the result and are looking forward to move in.

Mr MAP of the year – 2008

M. Sc.- Ing. Rhishikesh Gokhale

Christmas 2008

At christmas 2008, we celebrated at our institute.

Setting up our laboratories

December 2008 we are setting up our premises at TU Darmstadt. It might look messy, however, we are excited about how it will look, once the labs are ready for moving in.