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Picture: MAP, TU Darmstadt

Marcel Krauße finishes his doctoral thesis (November 2022)

We are very happy to congratulate Marcel Krauße for his Ph.D. graduation!

CCCD autumn meeting 2023

This year's autumn meeting of the CCCD community took place on Saturday, 28.10.2023. Originally, a planetary walk around the observatory was planned, followed by a joint dinner and a final stargazing session in Darmstadt. However, unforeseen circumstances necessitated a spontaneous adjustment to our programme.

The Kranichstein hunting lodge opened its doors to us at short notice. There we explored the Bioversum, which deals with the biological view of the cultural and natural-historical heritage of our forests and their biodiversity. Afterwards, the Kranichstein hunting lodge with its antlers, paintings and magnificent rooms gave us a historical insight into courtly life and manorial hunting.

Dinner took place in the cosy ambience of the Bölle restaurant, where we ended the day in a relaxed atmosphere. Despite the necessary spontaneous change of plans due to deviating conditions at the observatory, the day proved to be a success. We are looking forward to our next annual meeting in the spring.

ChemCup – August 2023

This year, eleven teams competed for the coveted and, among Darmstadt's chemists, highly respected ChemCup trophy. Fortunately, the Paper Rangers were able to inspire many students who were employed in our working group in the form of internships, final theses and as assistant scientists to take part in the ChemCup.

The Paper Rangers clearly won the first game. During the game, however, the small squad made itself felt in the hot temperatures and unfortunately we were narrowly beaten by the group from AK Kolmar and the student council. But we'll be back next year.

Hirschegg 2023

In 2023, the MAP Group once again travelled to Hirschegg, Austria. As part of the event, knowledge about statistical design of experiments was acquired and practised in a two-day seminar. In addition to the instructive event, the group got to know each other better and went on hikes together.

Picture: MAP, TU-Darmstadt

David Seelinger wins ZELLCHEMING Young Scientist Award

At this years ZELLCHEMING-Expo our colleque David Seelinger won the Young Scientist Award for his work on novel wet strength agents based on modified hydroxypropyl cellulose.

CCCD – General Meeting 2023

Although the pandemic requirements are a thing of the past, this year's general meeting was again held in hybrid form.

Roland Pelzer resigned from his position as first chairman after many years of successful board work. The CCCD thanks him for his commitment. At the same time we welcome Dr. Dominik Stumm as the new chairman.

After some interesting talks on paper functionalization by means of plasma polymerization, the EXIST start-up CeraSleeve and the Moldellfabrik Papier in Düren, we went to lunch together in the restaurant Bölle. This was followed by a guided tour of the Hessisches Landesmuseum Darmstadt.

Felix Schäfer finishes his doctoral thesis (April 2023)

Another doctor leaves the working group Biesalski. Congratulations Felix!

Macromolecular Colloquium Freiburg 2023

On February 16-17, 2023, our research group participated in the Macromolecular Colloquium in Freiburg. Under the theme “coming together” there were many interesting and captivating talks from research areas of macromolecular chemistry in Germany. During the conference dinner, discussions were held with project partners and other PhD students and some new ideas were taken back to Darmstadt.

We are already looking forward to the Macromolecular Colloquium Freiburg 2024!

Christmas Party 2022

Finally! After two years without a proper Christmas party, this year the working groups Biesalski and Andrieu-Brunsen could celebrate together again. Besides delicious food and drinks, the CPTF (Christmas Party Task Force) organized a working group specific pub quiz and other games. It was very nice to revive this longstanding tradition.

The working group Biesalski wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

CCCD autumn event – October 2022

After a long time without excursions for the CCCD, we went on a brewery tour to the Darmstädter Braustübl on 10/29/22. First, the group was guided through Darmstadt's largest private brewery, founded in 1847, and educated about the art of brewing beer. Following the tour, we spent the evening in the brewery's restaurant. With delicious beer and food, there were many opportunities for professional discussion among Ph.D. students and alumni.

Niels Postulka finishes his doctoral thesis (October 2022)

We are very happy to congratulate Niels for his Ph.D. graduation!

We are there, at the Start-up & Innovation Day on October 20th 2022!

The #InnoDay2022 will take place at the darmstadtium this year. Here you will experience the #innovative, #research-strong and #future-oriented start-up spirit of the region. In addition to start-ups, start-up support and innovation projects or simply exhibitors, you can network with interesting people from business, science and politics. The conference with exciting speakers starts at 1:00 pm.

We from CeraSleeve are looking forward seeing you! CeraSleeve – A project of the working groups MAP & Smart Membranes.

Get your free ticket here: Tickets

“Start-up & Innovation Day” powered by Technische Universität Darmstadt and HIGHEST – Innovations- und Gründungszentrum.

ChemCup – August 2022

After a two-year break, the ChemCup took place again this year. At over 35 °C, our AK with the support of AK Andrieu-Brunsen under the team name “Paper Rangers” took aim at the cup. Optimally prepared by our coach Enis and with flown in ex-coach Niels, the total of 18 players were highly motivated. In addition, the alumni association CCCD could be won as a sponsor for jerseys.

Unfortunately we had to admit defeat in the quarter finals against the team of AK Etzold. But despite this defeat we had a lot of fun and grew together as a team.

We congratulate AK Hausch for the victory! Next year will be ours!

Hirschegg 2022

The MAP group was fortunate enough to attend the annual excursion to Hirschegg, Austria, once again in 2022. The trip primarily focussed on expanding group knowledge of internal PhD projects, analytical capabilities and providing useful suggestions and expertise to enable group members to overcome challenges that have arisen during their research. Another welcome benefit of the trip was improving group dynamics through ‘world cafe style’ discussion sessions as well as team sports and a challenging group hike through the alps.

Zellcheming Expo – June 2022

The Zellcheming conference was followed up by the Zellcheming Expo, in which companies of the paper industry showcased their supply and manufacturing products for this diverse and innovative sector. Networking with company representatives, both on the expo floor and during the evening event at Chausseehaus, was a good opportunity for graduating PhD students as well as for new members to gain insight into relevant paper industries.

Zellcheming Conference – June 2022

In June, the working group again had the opportunity of joining a conference in person, after two years of anticipation. The Zellcheming Conference, hosted at the RMCC in Wiesbaden from 26th to 29th of June, was a great experience to gain deeper insights into various fields of cellulose chemistry ranging from analytics, such as paper diagnostics, sustainable synthesis design/processing and applications of these technologies. Furthermore, we were able to present our own research during the poster session which provided useful talking points during networking with other conference speakers in academia and industry. Another highlight certainly was the excellent conference dinner set in the beautiful Kurhaus at Wiesbaden.

Picture: HIGHEST, TU Darmstadt

TU Ideenwettbewerb 2021 / TU ideas contest 2021

Congratulations to Dr. Nicole Rath and Mathias Stanzel for getting the second place of the TU ideas contest 2021 with the Pioneer Fund project CeraSleeve (Collaboration with Prof. Andrieu-Brunsen) . They presented bio-based water-repellent and oil absorbing media through sustainable silica coating of natural fiber fabrics. A video of the final pitches at the award ceremony is available here:


Autumn event 2021

At the end of September, the Biesalski Working Group met for the first time since 2019 for a scientific exchange in presence. We were happy to also reconnect with alumni who left us during the crisis and to share updates about their new positions and our research. After the formal part of the event, the group went on a short hike from the university to the Fohlenhof beer garden in great autumn weather. At the Fohlenhof everyone enjoyed a convivial evening with delicious food.

2021 Doktor Bea
Picture: B. Fickel

Beatrice Fickel finishes her doctoral thesis (July 2021)

Welcome to the club, Dr. Beatrice Fickel! Congratulations to the succesful defense and we wish you all the best for the future.

We are there, at the Start-up & Innovation Day on June 10, 2021!

The #InnoDay2021will take place on a virtual 3D platform that offers many tools for sharing and networking. Here you will experience the #innovative, #research-strong and #future-oriented start-up spirit of the region. In addition to 80 start-ups, start-up support and innovation projects or simply exhibitors, you can network with interesting people from business, science and politics. The live conference with exciting speakers starts at 9:30 am.

We from CeraSleeve are looking forward seeing you! Visit our poster. CeraSleeve – A project of the working groups MAP & Smart Membranes.

free tickets:

„Start-up & Innovation Day" powered by Technische Universität Darmstadt and HIGHEST – Innovations- und Gründungszentrum.

New joint project launched

Biomimetic plasma polymers for paper functionalization – BioPlas4Paper

In packaging, paper-based construction materials are part of our everyday life. To make paper useable in these and new applications, it needs to be equipped with improved hydrophobic and antimicrobial properties. In contrast to the currently established finishing strategies, low-molecular compounds of biogenic origin are to be deposited on the paper with the aid of plasma polymerization. Their crosslinking during deposition makes it possible to apply pure insoluble polymers to complex surfaces with high contour fidelity.

Advantages of this method are the low material consumption during application, the solvent-free process, the economization of drying energy and the potential to prepare complex gradient or multi-layer coatings. Using plant-derived materials, which are a versatile and so far barely used precursor source for plasma coatings, aims at minimizing the use of persistent materials in paper products while preserving intrinsic advantages of paper such as recyclability and biodegradability.


1st May 2021 – 30th April 2024


Amelia Lösch-Zhang M.Sc.

Dr. Andreas Geißler



Christmas Party 2020

The Christmas party of the Biesalski and Andrieu-Brunsen working groups was different than usual this year. The challenges of organizing a Christmas party via Zoom were successfully mastered by the organizers. Besides a goodie bag with the ingredients for a Christmas dinner, which was cooked live by the 45 participants during the party, there were many games and even a very special Christmas video, the scenes of which were shot by the members of the working groups at home. Many thanks to all the organizers for this unforgettable celebration!

Heike Herbert leaves our working group

Another farewell concerned the ATM staff: at the end of 2020, Heike Herbert left us to take up a new challenge in industry. Heike has been responsible for polymer analytics, among other things, since the beginning of MAP in 2008, and thus for 12 years in our working group. During this time, she has contributed significantly to the fact that we now have an excellent analytical department, which provides a solid basis for our research work. She has supported a large number of PhD students with her broad expertise not only, but especially in GPC.

In order that the already heavy personal loss of Heike does not influence our work too much, we could – also with Heike's help – win a new colleague ad interim in Marion Trautmann, who is also technically very experienced. We are looking forward to working with her!

Picture: M. Zieglowski

Mareike Zieglowski finishes her doctoral thesis (November 2020)

Another one! We gladly congratulate Mareike Zieglowski for her successful defense.

Simon Trosien leaves our working group

Simon Trosien left us after 5 years of successful collaboration to start his own small business in the field of business consulting and ghostwriting. Thank you Simon for your great support during this time and we all keep our fingers crossed that your business will be successful!

Macromolecular Colloquium Freiburg 2020

As in previous years, a group of PhD students of the MAP Institute attended the Macromolucular Colloquium form 26th – 28th February in Freiburg. Together with the PhD students of Prof. Rehan's group and our colleagues from Prof. Gallei's group from Saarland University, we followed interesting presentations of the speakers, which covered a wide range of topics in macromolecular chemistry. We also followed the poster presentations given by young scientists with enthusiasm and cheered along with the contenders for the poster prize. During the joint dinner, the exciting research topics could be discussed further while new and old connections to colleagues could be maintained.

Picture: M. Nau

Maximilian Nau finishes his doctoral thesis (December 2019)

We congratulate Max for his Ph.D. graduation and are very happy that he remains with us as a postdoc.

Picture: M. Diefenbach

Mathias Diefenbach finishes his doctoral thesis (November 2019)

We are very happy to congratulate Mathias for his Ph.D. graduation!

Hirschegg 2019

Like in previous years the working group Biesalski went to Hirschegg to spend some days with the whole group. This summers task was to imagine and present ideas for possible future projects.

We also strengthened our group cohesion by hiking, Chi Gong and not to forget the FotoBox shootings!

ACS 2019 in Orlando

Also this year the working group Biesalski visited the ACS. This year it took place in Orlando, Florida. Besides the exciting lectures in the fields of cellulose chemistry and polymer chemistry, the PhD students were able to present their own research in poster presentations. In addition to the strenuous lecture marathons, the American lifestyle was examined more closely in the evening.

Picture: MAP, TU Darmstadt

Sebastian von Gradowski finishes his doctoral thesis (March 2019)

Another doctor leaves the working group Biesalski. Congratulations Sebastian!

Cynthia Cordt wins prize for the best presentation

At the European Cellulose Materials Doctoral Students Conference 2018, Cynthia Cordt won the prize for the best presentation with her presentation on the topic “Cellulose based functional nanoparticles for controlled release of biocides”.