Below you will find the equipment used in our working group.

Materials, Catalysts & Adsorbents Preparation

Polymer extruder and FDM 3D printer

Autoclaves (50 & 250 mL) for hydro-/solvothermal synthesis of crystalline materials (zeolites, MOFs etc.)

Spin coater for membrane coating and thin layer formation

Tubular furnaces for catalyst preparation (calcination, reduction, oxidation)

Planetary ball mill

Spray impregnation for supported shell catalysts.

Characterization Methods & Analytical Tools

Chemisorption (CO surface titration, NH3-/CO2-TPD (temperature programmed desorption), TPR)

Physisorption for textural properties (specific surface area, pore volume, pore size distribution) by N2, Ar, CO2 and vapor sorption (H2O and volatile organic compounds (VOC))

Powder X-ray diffraction for phase analysis of crystalline compounds

Energy dispersive X-ray flurorescence

FT-IR Spectroscopy with in situ DRIFTS and in situ ATR unit

Gas chromatography, GC-MS and HPLC for offline reaction quantification

Karl Fischer-titration

Gas diffusion setup to measure gas solubility and diffusion in liquids

Reaction & Separation Equipment

Multibatch reaction systems (5/6 high pressure autoclaves each, 25-50 mL)

Berty reactor (differential reactor) for gas phase kinetics

Membrane nanofiltration setups (dead end and cross flow cell)

Various high pressure autoclaves (300 mL) with flexible gas supply for kinetic investigations, with observation window and with in situ ATR-IR probe for reaction monitoring

Advanced Temkin reactor for kinetic measurements of gas phase hydrogenation reaction with online GC

Reactor setup (300 mL CSTR) for multiphase hydrogenation reactions and online GC

Reactor setup with 300 mL CSTR and gas, liquid and liquid gas (ammonia) dosing e.g. for reductive amination reactions

Trickle bed reactor for hydrogenation reactions

High pressure autoclave for laboratory scale up (1 L)