Welcome to the Rose group

Where sustainable chemistry and materials design meets catalysis engineering!

We are dedicated to innovative chemical technologies and thrive at the interface of heterogeneous catalysis, reaction engineering, downstream processing as well as conceptual process design.

Our research focuses

(I) on the utilization of renewable resources (biogenic platform chemicals and carbon dioxide) for sustainable chemical production as well as

(II) on porous and functional materials as innovative catalysts, adsorbents and membrane materials.



Welcome back to Hanna Kraffczyk who finally joined the group after her successful Master Thesis as PhD student. Her topic are novel porous organic framework materials for the adsorption of organic vapors for separation and adsorption heat transformation.


Welcome to Phillip Reif who joined the group as PhD student. He will work on the BMBF project “BioAromatics” on the catalytic aromatization of biomass-based platform chemicals.


Welcome to Gregor Meyer who joined the group for his Master thesis on in situ-ATR-IR spectroscopy to follow catalytic reactions.


Welcome to Isabel Moritz who joined the group as PhD student. She will work on the BMBF project “BioSorp” on the liquid phase adsorption for separation in biorefinery streams in close collaboration with RWTH Aachen University.


Welcome to Julia Kießling and Martin Bauer who joined the group for their Master Theses. They will work on the catalytic hydrogenation of sugars in a novel reactor type to improve mass transfer and on the catalytic alcohol amination in aqueous solutions.


Marco Buchmann was awarded the Poster Prize for his work on the catalytic transformation of CO2 to diethylcarbonate with bioethanol at the GDCh annual meeting of the Sustainable Chemistry division. Congratulations!


Welcome to Sebastian Hock. He joined the group as PhD student and will work 3D structured catalyst monoliths.


Congratulations to Hanna Kraffczyk. She was awarded a scholarship of the Stiftung Industrieforschung for her Masterthesis on novel materials for adsorptive heat transformation..


Welcome to Daniel Huth. He joined the group as PhD student and will work on the catalytic production of oxymethylene ethers (OME).


Our new paper in Adv. Synth. Catal. on “Unravelling the Mechanism of the Ru/C‐Catalysed Isohexide and Ether Isomerization by Hydrogen Isotope Exchange” is online (


Our new paper in Microporous Mesoporous Mater. on “Ambient temperature gas phase sulfonation: A mild route towards acid functionalized ordered mesoporous organosilica” is online (


Our new ChemNanoMat-Paper on “Solvent Responsive and Switchable Nanofiltration Membranes based on Hypercrosslinked Polymers with Permanent Porosity” is online (


Sara Lena Nophut joined the group as PhD student. She will develop and investigate solid molecular catalysts for gas phase reactions. Welcome!


Our new ChemCatChem-Paper on “Solid Molecular Frustrated Lewis Pairs in a Polyamine Organic Framework for the Catalytic Metal‐free Hydrogenation of Alkenes” is online (


Finally, our homepage is online!