Merger of the Laser Spectroscopy Experiments


In early 2023, the VUV spectroscopy and UV-Vis spectroscopy experiments were combined. The existing molecular beam apparatus and the associated laser systems were dismantled and combined into one apparatus. At the new apparatus it is thus possible to generate clusters in a molecular beam and subsequently ionize them using the VUV laser system or perform photodissociation experiments using the UV-Vis laser system. Thus, both the ionization potentials and the optical properties of the clusters can be studied in a combined experiment.

In addition to merging the experiments, the UV-Vis spectroscopy experiment was also extended to include a deflection electrode with a “Rabi-Two-Wire” geometry, as already used in molecular beam deflection . The use of this electrode should lead to a separation of clusters on the basis of their dipole moments, so that cluster structural isomers can be dissociated independently.