PRE 2023 in Potsdam


The 14th International Workshop on Polymer Reaction Engineering took place from September 5th to 8th 2023 at the Fraunhofer IAP Conference Center in Potsdam (Germany).

The focus of the conference is on the design and further development of polymer production processes. Current topics, like monomer production from renewable sources, polymer recycling and the relationship between product and process conditions for the tailored design of polymers were also in the foreground. The over 130 participants contributed 39 presentations and 64 posters to the conference. A lively exchange on the presented topics was established during the discussion rounds and the poster session. This broad spectrum of contributions from academia and industry bridged the gap between application and ongoing research. A total of twelve PhD students from the research group Busch contributed a presentation or a poster. In addition, Patryk Sewruk and Emil Schwarz assisted in the technical organization of the conference.

  • Investigation of Individual Peroxide Decomposition Kinetics in Cocktails and Influences thereon applying High-Pressure Calorimetry, Svenja Albus, Markus Busch (lecture)
  • Implementation of New Comonomers in Chemically Demanding Systems, Denise Eryildirim, Markus Busch (poster)
  • Process Parameter Dependence of the Transfer Activity of Alcohols in the LDPE Polymerization, Laura Euler Bueno, Markus Busch (poster)
  • Thermal Fractionation as a Tool to Validate Simulations of Grafted LDPE Copolymers, Julian Kirsch, Nicola Schreiner, Markus Busch (poster)
  • Modeling of Low-Temperature Emulsion-Copolymerization of n-Butyl Acrylate and Styrene in Batch and Continuous Processes, Andreas Reinbeck¹, Matti Schierholz, Kristina Zentel (poster)
  • Deflagration and Relief Investigations in the High-Pressure System of the LDPE-Process, Aaron Röblitz, Markus Busch (lecture)
  • Modeling of the separation process between LDPE and ethylene outside of thermodynamic equilibrium conditions, Anne Rott, Alexander Keßler, Markus Busch (poster)
  • Feasibility Study on the Substitution of Conventional by Sustainably Produced Ethene in EVA Copolymers on Mini-Plant Scale, Lorenz Schmidt, Markus Busch (poster)
  • Design and Commissioning of a High-Pressure Multi-Zone Autoclave for Polymer Synthesis, Nicola Schreiner, Lena Gockel, Markus Busch (poster)
  • Consideration of Tertiary Mid-Chain Radicals in Modeling the High-Pressure Process of Ethylene-Methyl Acrylate Copolymerization, Joshua Stahl, Alina Weber, Nicola Schreiner, Julian Kirsch, Markus Busch (poster)
  • Mixing Investigations in High-Pressure Polymerization and Up-Scale Processes, Laura Ständecke, Lena Gockel, Markus Busch (poster)
  • Reaction engineering study and modeling of emulsion polymerization of vinyl acetate, Johanna Viernickel, Felix Warnecke², Timo Melchin², Kristina Zentel (poster)

¹ University of Hamburg

² Wacker Chemie AG, Burghausen