Poster Award for Nicola Schreiner


In the context of the 14th International Workshop on Polymer Reaction Engineering (PRE), Nicola Schreiner is awarded the “Macromolecular Journals Best Poster Award“ granted by Wiley.

Presentation of the Poster Award, from left to right: Prof. Dr. Markus Busch, Nicola Schreiner, Prof. Dr. Michael Bartke

Design and Commissioning of a High-Pressure Multi-Zone Autoclave for Polymer Synthesis“ of Nicola Schreiner, Lena Gockel and Markus Busch is one of the three decorated posters of the conference. The poster covers the designing and building of a high-pressure multi-zone autoclave for polymer synthesis. The first results show the operation as a three-zone autoclave. The temperature distribution inside the reactor and influence on the molecular weight distribution are shown as well.