Meeting on High-Pressure Process Engineering and Adsorption


This year’s meeting of the DECHEMA working groups for High-Pressure Process Engineering and Adsorption took place from March 13th to 15th at the Hörsaal- und Medienzentrum (HMZ) of TU Darmstadt.

On the annual meeting of the two working groups the current state of research on the topics of high-pressure process engineering and adsorption was presented. This year the conference was hosted by Professor Busch, Professor Smirnova (TU Hamburg) and Professor Bathen (University Duisburg-Essen). The organizing committee from the working group Busch consisted of Laura Euler Bueno, Aaron Röblitz, Svenja Albus and Joshua Stahl.

Following a tour through the laboratories of the working group, the first plenary lecture on the design of components when working with supercritical fluids and the products, introduced the participants to the conference. The joint poster session and the evening program with catering enabled the exchange between the two working groups. On Thursday the group specific sessions to the topics of high-pressure process engineering and adsorption were held. Following, the participants of both groups came together for the joint conference dinner in the restaurant „Glasschrank Mediterrano“.

The meeting was closed on Friday with an open workshop, where current topics and challenges regarding high-pressure process engineering were discussed: The working group Busch was represented with the topics of reaction engineering, safety engineering and reactor design. The following presentations and posters were contributed:

  • Polymerization of Ethene and Acrylic Acid under High-Pressure Conditions, Laura Dietrich, Markus Busch (poster)
  • Investigation of the Single-and Two-Phase Flow in High-Pressure Relief Systems, Daniel Dyck, Moritz Imhoff, Markus Busch (poster)
  • Visualisierung von kombinierten Zersetzungs-und Entlastungsprozessen in Hochdrucksystemen, Aaron Röblitz, Markus Busch (lecture)
  • Investigation of the Influence of Oxygen on the High-Pressure Polymerization of Ethene using a Reactor Cascade at Mini-Plant Scale, Lorenz Schmidt, Markus Busch (lecture + poster)
  • Design of a Sampling Device for High-Pressure Polymerization Systems, Patryk Sewruk, Markus Busch (poster)
  • Phase Behavior Investigations of EAA-Copolymer-Systems, Christoph Weigel, Markus Busch (poster)
  • Homogenous Semi-Batch Approach for Catalytic Solution Polymerizations, Phillip Weigmann, Markus Busch (poster)
  • Modular Set-Up for Solution and Emulsion Polymerizations under Pressure, Johanna Viernickel, Jonas Geider, Matti Schierholz, Timo Melchin¹, Kristina Zentel (poster)

¹ Wacker Chemie AG, Burghausen