Polymer Reaction Engineering

Welcome to the workgroup of professor Busch! We belong to the Ernst-Berl-Institute of technical and macromolecular chemistry and are working in the field of high-pressure polymer reaction engineering.

Prof. Dr. Markus Busch

The close connection of simulation and experiments is a strong desire in every project. We offer a wide field of work, combining kinetics, simulation, high-pressure and polymerization technique, as well as the design of new microstructural properties of polymers.

Teaching and Research


Besides the general lectures of technical chemistry (TC1, TC2 and TC3) and the advanced design project, our working group offers the lectures “Technical Aspects of Macromolecular Chemistry” and “High Pressure Technology – Chemistry under High Pressure”.

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Picture: O. Salman

Research Topics

Our research deals with safety-related investigations of reaction mixtures, testing of new reagents and process variants on mini-plant scale at up to 3000 bar, and the simulation of processes up to world scale.

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Picture: AK Busch


Our equipment includes: mini-plants for polymer synthesis at pressures up to 2500 bar and temperatures up to 300 °C, high-pressure compressors up to 3000 bar and analytics e.g. GPC and MFI.

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