9th PhD-Student Workshop on Polymer Reaction Engineering


From November the 23rd-25th 2021 the 9th PhD Workshop in Polymer Reaction Engineering took place, which is organized by the research group of Professor Busch. Due to the Corona pandemic, the workshop was hosted online for the first time.

Group picture of some of the participants of WPPRE 2021.

The WPPRE provides a framework for young scientists in the field of polymer reaction engineering to exchange ideas with each other. With 67 participants, 10 poster contributions, 15 presentations and 12 industry representatives, the online version of the WPPRE was very well received this year. In the form of digital coffee breaks and a social event, the exchange between participants was strengthened. In addition, the participation of industry representatives from various companies helps to establish new contacts.

In addition to the organizers Kristina Zentel, Elisabeth Nowottny and Laura Euler Bueno, this year, Jonas Degenkolb, Lena Gockel, Sascha Hintenlang, Julian Kirsch, Isabel Kronshorst, Aaron Röblitz, Jana Sartorius, Nicola Schreiner and Laura Ständecke also took part in the conference.

  • S. Hintenlang, M. Busch, “Implementation of an Inline-NIR-Spectroscopy to a High-Pressure System” (poster)
  • J. Kirsch, A. Weber, M. Busch , “Modeling of Copolymer Topologies in High-Pressure Ethylene Copolymerizations in 3D-Space” (poster)
  • I. M. Kronshorst, J. Eigenseer, L. Ständecke, M. Busch, “Method for the Determination of Reactivity Ratios at High Conversions in the Continuous Solution Polymerisation Process” (lecture)
  • E. Nowottny, M. Busch, “Development of a Model for the Free-Radical High-Pressure Copolymerization of Ethylene and Vinyl acetate” (lecture)
  • J. Sartorius, S. Albus, M. Busch, “Kinetic of Peroxide Decomposition considering the Impact of Solvent, Pressure and Peroxide Cocktail” (lecture)
  • A. Röblitz, M. Busch, “Visualization of Relief Phenomena in High-Pressure Systems” (poster)
  • L. Ständecke, L. Dietrich, M. Busch, “Investigations of Mixing Behavior of Polymerization Processes” (poster)