WPPRE 2022 in San Sebastian


From April 20th to 22nd the 10th PhD Workshop of the EFCE Working Party on Polymer Reaction Engineering (WPPRE) took place in San Sebastian. The WPPRE provides a framework for young scientists in the field of polymer reaction engineering to exchange ideas with each other and to establish contacts in the industry.

The workshop was organized by the working group of Professor Busch in particular Dr. Kristina Zentel, Laura Euler Bueno and Aaron Röblitz in collaboration with the POLYMAT Center of the University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU in San Sebastian. This year there were 55 participants from nine different universities. In addition, 7 industrial representatives participated, presenting their companies and contributing by sponsoring to the financing of the workshop. Among them were BASF, Borealis, Polymat, Sabic, Synthomer, Wacker and Wiley. In total, there were 19 presentations and 24 posters.

For many participants, the workshop was the first opportunity to attend a conference in presence during their PhDs. The participation in the Busch working group was all the higher. The following posters and talks were contributed:

  • Decomposition Kinetics of Peroxide(mixtures) under High-Pressure, Svenja Albus, Jana Sartorius, Markus Busch (poster)
  • Investigations of Boundary Layer Phenomena in LDPE Mini Plant Tubular Reactors, Jonas Degenkolb, Duc Van Hoang, Markus Busch (presentation)
  • Propargyl Methacrylate -A Bifunctional Comonomer in the High-Pressure Polymerization of Ethene, Laura Euler Bueno, Robin Dursun, Markus Busch, Jan Duchateau (poster)
  • Stabilizers in the High-pressure Polyethylene Polymerization, Denise Eryildirim, Markus Busch (poster)
  • Influence of Mixing Processes on the Microstructure of LDPE, Lena Gockel, Markus Busch (presentation)
  • Optimization of a High-Pressure Inline-NIR-Spectroscopy System, Sascha Hintenlang, Markus Busch (poster)
  • Challenges in Modeling Pressure Relief of Pyrolysis Gas from High Pressure, Moritz Imhoff, Markus Busch (presentation)
  • Challenges in Modeling Topologies in High-Pressure Ethylene-co-Polymerizations, Julian Kirsch, Alina Weber, Markus Busch (poster)
  • Group Contribution Method for Transfer Activity in the LDPE Process, Alexander Klimeck, Jarne Berning, Markus Busch (poster)
  • Setup of a Semi-Batch Polymerisation Mini-Plant for the Estimation of Kinetic Parameters, Isabel M. Kronshorst, Laura Ständecke, Markus Busch (poster)
  • Visualization of Relief and Decomposition Phenomena in High-Pressure Systems, Aaron Röblitz, Markus Busch (poster)
  • Challenges in Modeling of the Separation Process between Polymer and Monomer in the LDPE Production Process, Anne Rott, Markus Busch (poster)
  • Non-ideal Temperature Distribution in High-Pressure Polyethylene Autoclaves, Lorenz Schmidt, Markus Busch (poster)
  • High-Pressure Polymerisation of Ethylene: From Tubular Reactor to Multi-Zone Autoclaves, Nicola Schreiner, Lena Gockel, Markus Busch (poster and presentation)
  • Experimental Determination of Mixing Behavior for Validation of CFD Simulations, Laura Ständecke, Lena Gockel, Markus Busch (poster)