Structure-based Drug Research

Our group draws from the cooperation between synthetic chemists preparing novel, rationally designed compounds and biochemists who investigate new molecular mechanisms of action.

We are part of the TRABITA consortium

Fields of study

  • Rational Drug Design
  • Identification and validation of novel pharmacological concepts
  • Synthesis of macro- or polycyclic substances to control the bioactive conformation
  • Proximity-based tools and approaches
  • Development of FKBP51 inhibitors as novel antidepressants, analgesics or anti-obesity agents
  • Allosteric modulation of G protein coupled receptors

The Faculty

The Research Group Hausch is part of the Forschungsbereich Biochemie:

  • Conformation sensitive Mass Spectrometry (Prof. Dr. Frederik Lermyte) RG Lermyte
  • Applied Biochemistry (Prof. Dr. Harald Kolmar) RG Kolmar
  • Biological Chemistry (Prof. Dr. Katja Schmitz)RG Schmitz
  • Structure-Based Drug Research (Prof. Dr. Felix Hausch)

The Research Group Hausch is located in the building L2|02, 4th floor of the Department of chemistry, in the TU-Lichtwiese Campus of the TU Darmstadt (rooms A401-A409). The office hours of the secretary Ms Barbara Diestelmann are Monday-Thursday from 9:00-13:00 at A409 (telephone 16-21290) and from 14:00-17:00 at C465 (telephone 16-21230)

Picture: NextGenerationEU: EU-REACT


We are funded by the EU-REACT program. Read more about our funding in general and the EU-REACT project under “read more”.

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