Synthesis, Physical and Catalytic Properties of Extended Macrocyclic FeN4 Complexes


Project B02 is aiming towards establishing versatile synthetic routes to soluble bisphenanthroline-based N4-macrocycles and the respective iron complexes. The underlying motivation of this project is to synthesize structural and functional models of FeN4-complexes for the oxygen reduction reaction. Decorating the periphery of the macrocyclic framework renders complexes with modulated physical (iron redox potential) and catalytic properties. Characterization methods to establish the properties of the synthesized complexes include physical techniques such as CV, RDDE, pNMR, Mössbauer, XPS, UV-Vis. Condensation of the macrocyclic complexes via controlled chemical reactions are intended to lead to extended solid state materials.

Research Team

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Prof. Dr. Herbert Plenio
+49 6151 16-21112
L2|05 205
Anusree Ghosh M. Sc.
PhD student
+49 6151 16-21113
L2|03 232