Understanding Electronic Structure and Reactivity of Open-Shell Iron Compounds by Solution NMR Spectroscopy


Unpaired electrons strongly influence the electronic structure and reactivity of molecular iron complexes. NMR spectroscopy of paramagnetic molecules (pNMR) allows the measurement of these influences on the electronic, magnetic and catalytic properties and complements other spectroscopies such as EPR and Mössbauer. In this project, coordinatively unsaturated iron complexes with square-planar geometry are synthesized, studied in detail by pNMR, and their reactivity evaluated. Highly soluble, four-coordinate iron phthalocyanines, which are also important in single-atom catalysis, are the focus of this project.

Research Team

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Prof. Dr. Markus Enders
+49 (0)6221- 54 6247
Christian Iwanov
PhD student