Part-time study

In part-time studies, you attend the same courses as in full-time studies. However, your study plan provides for a stretching of the study duration. You can take more courses than your study plan provides for at any time without losing your part-time status.

Part-time study is possible in the Bachelor and Master of Science Chemistry and Bachelor of Education Chemical Engineering programmes upon application.

In order for part-time student status to be granted, one of the following reasons must be proven:

  • Gainful employment, self-employment or freelance work
  • Care or nursing of children or relatives
  • Disability or chronic illness
  • Highly competitive sporting commitment
  • Committee activity
  • Other serious reasons

Professional and content-related counselling on part-time studies:

Please make an appointment with the study coordinator Dr. Kapfenberger .

The part-time status is applied for at the beginning of each semester at the Part-time Studies Coordination Office. A change to full-time study is possible at any time.