Studying on the Chemistry Campus

Modern chemistry is one of the most multifaceted areas of the natural sciences. It is impossible to imagine our world without chemistry. It is a key discipline for the development of new materials, it provides new processes for better utilisation of fossil and renewable energy sources and new active substances for plants, animals and humans.

At the Tecnical University Darmstadt, we offer a broad, research-oriented education in modern chemical disciplines with a high practical component. In excellently equipped lecture rooms and laboratories, students learn about the variety of methods in the chemical sciences and are prepared in the best possible way for their professional future.

All chemistry teaching and research facilities are located on the attractive “Lichtwiese” campus. Here there is room for exchange among students and at the same time space to relax. Good connections between students, lecturers and researchers are almost a matter of course.

In the middle of green!

The “Lichtwiese” campus is the central location for teaching and research at the Department of Chemistry. The spatial proximity between courses and research working groups enables a close interlocking of theory and practice.

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