Mentoring Programme

Networked from the start!

The transition from school to university can present some challenges. You may be dealing with questions like: Will I manage to organise myself? How do I learn all this material? How do I prepare for exams? How do I find my way around campus and how do I make contact with my fellow students? You can get answers to all these questions in our student mentoring programme.

All students in their first semester can take part in the mentoring programme! Together with fellow students, you form a small group and are accompanied by experienced students from higher semesters. You will meet regularly in your group and can clarify all your questions about studying with the mentors. Your mentors have been through the mentoring programme themselves and know exactly which tips and tricks made their start in their studies easier and how helpful it was to be able to ask any question, no matter how simple.

The mentors are trained by us and have a lot of knowledge ready for you, from exam registration to self-organisation to learning strategies.

In addition to the regular meetings, workshops and events are held for everyone. This way, you not only get to know your own group, but you can make contact with your whole semester. If you are new to Darmstadt, the mentors will certainly have one or two tips around Darmstadt ready for you.

Picture: freepik: Diana Grytsku

Join in!

We will accompany you with mentoring when you start your studies! During the orientation week, we will introduce ourselves personally and you will find out how you can join us.