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The range of courses offered at the Department of Chemistry

At TU Darmstadt, we offer a broad, versatile research- and career-oriented chemistry education with numerous specialisation options, ranging from nanoscience, plastics research, molecular drug research to technical chemistry, encompassing modern chemical research in all its exciting facets.

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Practical experience right from the start!

The high practical content characterises the chemistry degree programmes at TU Darmstadt. In addition to a lecture, all modules of the basic chemical education consist of practical exercises and laboratory practicals that depict the most important experimental methods of the respective subject.

The Bachelor's and Master's degree programmesChemistry” represent the diversity of the chemical disciplines Inorganic, Analytical, Physical, Organic, Macromolecular, Technical Chemistry and Biochemistry in the curriculum.

Biomolecular Engineering (BME)” is a joint offer of the Departments of Biology and Chemistry. The focus of these Bachelor's and Master's programmes is on methods of molecular biosciences, biochemistry and organic chemistry as well as the design of molecules and microorganisms.

We not only offer the classical education in chemistry and biomolecular engineering up to doctoral level, we also train teachers for grammar schools and vocational schools who teach chemistry in schools and vocational schools. Getting pupils interested in chemistry at an early age is a particular concern of ours.

The study programme “Chemistry for the Teaching Profession at Grammar Schools” combines chemical subject knowledge with subject didactics.

The teacher training programme for vocational schools at the TU Darmstadt consists of two interconnected programmes: first the Bachelor of Education in Chemical Engineering and then the Master of Education in Chemical Engineering. Methodology/didactics and practical phases complement the subject content of the teaching subjects.

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Your interest is aroused?

…then apply! The application for the degree programmes in Chemistry takes place via the central application portal of the TU Darmstadt. Here you will find all information on admission requirements and application deadlines.

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You are still unsure which degree programme suits you?

…then test your expectations, your prior knowledge and your learning behaviour in the Online Self-Assessment (OSA). In three tests, you can check whether your expectations of studying chemistry and BME match the experiences of students and use sample tasks to test whether the content of the chemistry degree programmes interests you.

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You are enrolled and have even more questions than before?

…then sign up for the Chemistry Mentoring Programme. Here you will get answers to all your questions like: Can I manage to organise myself? How do I learn all this material? How do I prepare for exams? How do I find my way around campus and how do I make contact with my fellow students? You can get answers to all these questions in our student mentoring programme.

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