Professor-Siegfried-Peter Award to Dr. Kristina Zentel


At the annual meeting of the ProcessNet working group for High-Pressure Process Engineering in Bochum, Dr. Kristina Zentel received the Professor-Siegfried-Peter award for her research in the area of high-pressure polymerization technology.

The Professor-Siegfried-Peter award in the area of High-Pressure Process Engineering was presented this year along this year’s meeting of the DECHEMA working groups for High-Pressure Process Engineering and Food Processing Engineering at the Ruhr University Bochum. The award for outstanding, pioneering and already published research findings was given to Dr. Kristina Zentel for her work on the topic of high-pressure polymerization technology. Following the handover of the award, the decorated work was presented to the audience in a plenary lecture with the title “Connecting High-Pressure Reaction Conditions with Polymer Properties”.