WPPRE 2023 in Potsdam


From the 8th to 10th September 2023, the 11th PhD-Student Workshop of the EFCE Working Party on Polymer Reaction Engineering (WPPRE) took place at the Fraunhofer IAP Conference Center in Potsdam as a direct follow-up event to the PRE conference. The WPPRE provides a framework for young scientists in the field of polymer reaction engineering to exchange ideas with each other and to establish contacts in the industry.

The workshop was organized by the working group Busch and in particular Professor Busch, Kristina Zentel, Laura Euler Bueno, Aaron Röblitz and Svenja Albus in collaboration with Professor Bartke of Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg. This year 45 participants joined the workshop. Amongst them were 32 PhD candidates from ten different universities and seven industrial representatives, who presented their companies and contributed by sponsoring to the financing of the workshop. These were Arlanxeo, BASF, Borealis, CiT, LyondellBasell, SABIC and Wiley. In total 19 presentations and 25 posters were contributed.

Besides the presentations, the poster sessions, joint dinners and a boat trip on the river Havel enabled the participants to network with others from academia and industry. The WPPRE is for many of the Busch working group the first conference, which is visited during the PhD studies. The following posters and talks were contributed:

  • Investigation of the Decomposition Kinetics of Peroxide Cocktails under Relevant Process Conditions and different Influences thereon, Svenja Albus, Markus Busch (poster)
  • Process Parameter Dependence of the Transfer Activity of Alcohols in the LDPE Polymerization, Laura Euler Bueno, Markus Busch (poster)
  • Influences of Reaction Parameters on the Polymerisation of Vinyl Acetate, Sandra Pietrasch, Markus Busch, Kristina Zentel (lecture + poster)
  • Modeling Mixing Characteristics in a Mini-Plant Polymerization Reactor, Emil Schwarz, Markus Busch (poster)
  • Design of a Sampling Device for High-Pressure Polymerization Systems, Patryk Sewruk, Markus Busch (poster)
  • Consideration of Tertiary Mid-Chain Radicals in Modeling the High-Pressure Process of Ethylene-Methyl Acrylate Copolymerization, Joshua Stahl, Alina Weber, Nicola Schreiner, Julian Kirsch, Markus Busch (lecture + poster)
  • Phase Behavior Investigations of Poly(ethylene-co-acrylic acid)-Systems, Christoph Weigel, Markus Busch (poster)
  • Kinetic Investigations of Catalytic Solution Polymerizations, Phillip Weigmann, Markus Busch (poster)