The PhD Student Workshop on Polymer Reaction Engineering (WPPRE) under the roof of the European Federation of Chemical Engineering (EFCE) represents an international platform where young researchers in the field of polymer reaction engineering have the opportunity to get into contact with fellow PhD students but also to meet various industry representatives and potential employers personally. Moreover, PhD students can benefit from useful feedback on their work and improve their soft skills by practicing the presentation of complex scientific topics.

In 2023 the workshop was held for the eleventh time. It started in 2012 in Lyon with a total number of 35 participants. After the successful start, the workshop took also place in Hamburg, San Sebastián, Munich, Vienna and Prague. Following the temporary switch to an online format in 2021, the WPPRE was held 2022 in San Sebastián and 2023 in Potsdam. The next WPPRE workshop will be held in summer or autumn 2024 in Lyon (France).

More information on previous and/or upcoming workshops as well as the EFCE Working Party on PRE can also be found on the official EFCE website: https://efce.info/WP_PRE.html

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