Prof. Dr. Klaus Griesar

Profile & career path

As a Senior Manager with 25 years of experience in various management positions in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, I have developed expertise in innovation management, strategic cooperation with universities and research institutes, public funding for research projects, technology transfer, technology scouting, science communication, scientific awards, strategic research, open & collaborative innovation, and business development (licensing-in, licensing-out, M&A).

I have a proven track record of successfully building and leading expert-driven teams and organizations.

My comprehensive methodical and practical experiences have enabled me to implement modern management concepts and support top-management (board level) in the challenges of complex projects, including people, context, agility, opportunities & challenges, issues, start & stop, and sustainability.

As a former and long-term president of the “Association of Chemistry and Economy” (“Vereinigung für Chemie und Wirtschaft”) and coordinator of the working group “Chemistry and Society” (“AG Chemie und Gesellschaft”), I have a passion for promoting collaborative research between various sectors and the dialogue between industry and society.

Countless memberships in numerous scientific and research-policy based associations have helped me build a remarkable network with experts and managers from different industries working on innovation. As an acknowledged expert for the needs, challenges, and technological roadmaps of various industries, I have been asked by the European Commission to support the assessment of public funded research work and innovation management.

In 2011, I was awarded an Honorary Professorship by the Technical University of Darmstadt, where I lecture on innovation management. I also act as a lecturer for special courses for managers on this topic.