The joint research project FiPRe is divided in 3 project areas.

A (synthesis and modification)

Project Area A addresses fundamental questions concerning the preparation of paper structures with a defined geometric structure and chemical composition. The spectrum of functionalized fibers and papers ranges from organic fibers to hybrid systems (of organic and inorganic components) to entirely inorganic papers (“Ceramic papers”).

B (analysis and modelling)

Project Area B is dedicated to the analysis and modelling of functionalized papers. The planned work addresses the local and global chemical composition, the local mechanics as well as the quantitative assessment of the pore space and the 3D structure of functional papers, with a special focus on polymer-functionalized paper materials.

C (new and optimized applications)

Project Area C comprises projects, which on the one hand address new and improved applications for functionalized papers. On the other hand a better understanding of first demonstrators for functionalized papers is aimed.