More team members wanted!

If you would like to gain an insight into the planning, organisation and supervision of a lecture series, to work for more equal opportunities at the university and beyond, and to get to know exciting personalities and topics at the interface of natural and engineering sciences and society, we would be delighted to hear from you!

SciSAI stands for Scientists in Society, Academia and Industry – Barriers and Opportunities. Four (doctoral) students from chemistry created this lecture series in 2020 because the social and societal aspects, which also have an impact on the natural sciences and engineering, are clearly neglected in their curricula. By now the team consists of six people from biology, chemistry, data and discourse studies and mechanical engineering.

We are responsible for the exact definition of the topics, the selection of the speakers and many more aspects of the organisation; one of them being the decision of how many of the sessions take place in German and how many in English. Currently, all members of the planning team are equally involved in all processes and it is important to us to make decisions by consensus.

If you want to participate, you are free to decide to what extent and in which areas you want to get involved. You are welcome to take on specific tasks or to contribute to the conceptual design of the events.

If you want to participate, you are free to decide to what extent and in which areas you want to get involved. You are welcome to take on specific tasks or to contribute to the conceptual design of the events.

  • Selecting topics and researching suitable guests
  • Inquiring about speakers and looking after them before and after the lectures
  • Raising funds
  • Promoting the events on various (social media) channels
  • Designing and updating the Moodle course and website
  • Recording the lectures, administrating on Panopto and taking minutes of discussions
  • Moderation of the events
  • Interest in the interaction of natural sciences and society
  • A desire to work together in a team and to contribute constructively
  • Openness to becoming aware of privileges, discrimination and power structures
  • Insights into the background of a course and the option to help shape processes yourself
  • The chance to network with experts from different sectors
  • The opportunity to contribute to more equal opportunities at the university and beyond

If you want to get a better idea of what this is all about before you make your decision, you are welcome to take a look at our Website and last semester’s Moodle course.

There you will find more detailed information on the programme and speakers, as well as numerous recordings of previous lectures.

Even then, of course, you don't have to make a final decision. You are welcome to contact us by .

We look forward to meeting you!
Aynur, Han, Jonas, Julie, Ju, Miriam

We would especially like to encourage Black people and People of Colour, people with disabilities and older students to join us. The current planning team is diverse in terms of course of studies, gender, sexuality and class, but very homogeneous in several other dimensions (white, born in Germany, not disabled, between 22 and 28, non-religious). We would be particularly pleased if the perspectives of the group were supplemented by those from other disciplines, especially engineering. We would also like to better integrate perspectives of people who have experienced racism, ableism or ageism into our work and believe that this can best succeed if those affected are also involved in our internal structures and get the chance to speak for themselves. We are aware that it is not easy to become part of a collective as the only non-white or disabled person. We would like all current and future members of the planning team to be open to training together in a discrimination-critical way and to permanently keep learning to listen sensitively to the needs of others and to pay attention to them. We would be happy if you would be willing to transform our project with us and make it more inclusive. Please let us know what barriers you might face in working with us and how we can support you to participate.

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