Multidimensional Methods in NMR Spectroscopy

was offered in summer 2008 (together with PD Dr. R. Meusinger).

Topics (order might differ from numbers):

1. Fundamentals of NMR

2. Vectormodell, Relaxation, molecular dynamics

3. One dimensional methods (IGATED, INEPT, DEPT, APT…)

4. Instrumentation (hardware, probes, lock, shim)

5. Theoretical background (Hamiltonoperator)

6. Introduction to 2D NMR (Nyquist theorem, 2D-J res)

7. Homonuclear correlations (COSY + variants, TOCSY)

8. Heteronuclear correlations (HMQC, HSQC, HMBC)

9. Nuclear Overhauser Effect (NOESY, ROESY, EXSY)

10. NMR Processing and shift calculation

11. 1H-NMR analysis (COSY, TOCSY)

12. X-NMR analysis (HSQC, HMBC)

13. Structure determination (NOE, dynamic NMR)


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